Healthy Schools

We were first awarded our Healthy Schools Status in July 2004, we have continous commitment to this with our last accreditation being in 2014.

Our role as a 'Healthy School' is very important to us and we continue to strive for this in a number of ways:

Wake and Shake - the whole school take part in wake and shake every morning before our learning starts.

Healthy Tuck - all pupils bring healthy food options for playtime.

Walk on Wednesdays (WOW) - parents and children meet at the Village Hall on Wednesday mornings and we all walk to school.

Milk - Key Stage1 children have milk during the morning.

Water - children are encouraged to drink fresh water throughout the day to keep them hydrated. Children can access water independently.

Healthy Lunchboxes - we have recently started a project where we shall be helping parents and children to have healthy lunch boxes as part of our Healthy Schools Plus project.