School Development Plan Priorities

Leedstown CP School Development Plan Priorities

2015 – 2016

Leadership and Management

  • To play an active role in the successful collaboration of the PET.
  • To develop the role of middle leaders in ensuring whole school development and secession planning.
  • Raise the profile of the Governing Body
  • CPD to develop staff as practitioners and effective middle leaders
  • The school operates a budget which is well-planned and contains a clear plan for the next three years, to ensure that the four class structure is sustainable.
  • Continue to ensure Safeguarding procedures are rigorous and robust.


Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment


  • Ensure that a high proportion of lessons are consistently ‘good’ and some are outstanding.
  • Increase progress through lessons by challenging pupils and moving them on quickly, through staggered starts
  • The SMILE model for learning is embedded and used effectively throughout the school.
  • Ensure all pupils are on task throughout lessons
  • Develop the use of ICT to enable pupils to choose and use tools and technology that increase their capacity as 21st century learners
  • Ensure that a wide range of clubs are offered to pupils, in proportion to the size of the school
  • Children are leaders of their own learning, showing independence, motivation and resilience throughout all lessons.


Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

  • Further improve attendance rates with a particular focus on those whose attendance is less than 90%
  • Develop the outdoor learning environments further to enhance pupil’s playtimes and outdoor learning experiences
  • All children are supported and feel safe. Children know that help is available if they need it.
  • Continue to improve our site security.



Outcomes for pupils

  • Ensure that end of key stage results continue to be above national averages
  • Year 2 children to achieve at least nationally expected levels in Reading, Writing, SPaG and Maths
  • Year 1 children to achieve above nationally expected levels in phonics and standards continue to be sustained in Reading, Writing and Maths.
  • Standards in writing across the school, especially for boys and the current year 5 pupils are raised
  • To increase the average point score (APS) for Maths across school, particular in years 1, 2, 3 and 5.
  • Narrow the gap further in English and Maths between Pupil Premium children and their peers, particularly in Reading.
  • All vulnerable groups make at least expected progress.

Early Years Foundation Stage

  • To continue to improve the outcomes and provision in the EYFS within the new classroom
  • Develop the EYFS outdoor environment to enhance pupils’ outdoor learning experiences
  • The % achieving the ELG continues to be in the line with or above the National average
  • Pupil’s progress and outcomes are monitored by all staff with in the unit
  • All statutory requirements for the EYFS are met, including the welfare requirements