Our Model for Learning


We have a specific model for learning across school that is evident in all classrooms and all lessons. This is closely linked to our ethos and school family.

We feel that children should feel safe and secure in their learning everyday and all lessons should have these features. As we are a happy school….’SMILE’

S – Supportive learning environment. All children will learn well if they feel supported in their learning through their environment, resources and adult support.

M - Children must be motivated to learn. They need to see the bigger picture so that they understand what they are learning and why.

I - Clear, specific instructions will enable children to become independent learners; allowing them to work on tasks independently.

L – Learning activities that are specific to the different needs of the children. Giving pupils the chance to ‘thrash out’ their understanding, questioning and challenge.

E – Being able to evaluate what pupils have learnt is important and an important life skill. Looking forward and back; what went well and what we would need to do differently next time.

We have created specific characters to our model for learning; those which pupils can easily related to.

The colours of the letters relate specifically to the Edward de Bono thinking hats. www.debonogroup.com/six_thinking_hats.php

Motivating children and encouraging them to be independent and resilient learners is crucial to our model for learning,

Please see our marking policy which shows how children are given quality opportunities to respond to their work.