We have a supportive group of governors who challenge and work closley with our school. We send home termly Governor Newsletters to parents, which contains important information to help you to know what the governors have been doing each term throughout school. The Newsletter also contains the dates of governors meetings.
Chair of Governors
Louise Wilson
My name is James Spiers and I'm very proud to say that I am a Parent Governor and Health and Safety Governor at Leedstown School.

I am a family man who moved to Cornwall in 2001 from London. I live in Leedstown and I have two children that both attend Leedstown School.

When the opportunity arose to become a Parent Governor at this school, I grabbed it with both hands. Leedstown is such an amazing school and is run by a fantastic team under their Head Mrs Neale.
Caring, Sharing and Giving is our school values and the children of Leedstown certainly live up to these. I love working with the teachers and the PTA. Between us, we continue to drive improvement and in return exceeding Ofsted targets. I work closely with Mrs Wheeler and the TAs for Pre School, Reception and Year 1. I attend classes to see how the children learn and improve whilst carrying out phonics, literacy and numeracy . I also love the learning through play for Preschool children. It's obvious to see how the children get such fantastic grades. The school has strategies such as in depth reading, writing and numeracy. A seamless learning allowing children that are exceeding to continue to do so by spending time in the higher year, and also effectively supporting children that need more time and support.

A little bit about me, I joined the rail industry in 1998 and have worked in several roles throughout my career. My current role is working with the On Board Services with GWR as an Acting OBS Manager. My role looks after the newly refurbished Night Riviera service.
Within my role, I work with a small team who are working hard to achieve high standards and KPIs set by senior management. The KPIs includes things such as Health and Safety, finances, revenue and labour.

My role can be very diverse, from representing GWR with stakeholders like Cornwall Council, interviewing, testing new products or delivering training and assessing.

At GWR our first priority is safety. We also have 6 pillars of customer service;
Time and effort

We work hard to keep communities prosperous, encourage dignity and respect in the workplace and promote diversity and women in rail.

For fun I also run a FaceBook page that I set up for my childhood school that I attended in Uxbridge. I now have over 500 members from all era’s.

I feel with the skills and values in my career, I have a lot to offer as a parent governor. I look
forward to helping the school go from strength to strength.
I have two children at Leedstown School and live in the village, having moved here from London in 2014. I hope I bring a lot to the role through my professional experience in global citizenship education, and my previous experience as a pre-school Chair.
I’m a self-employed researcher and project manager, with nearly two decades experience in sustainable development and global citizenship education. I’ve worked with the education teams in organisations such as Comic Relief and the Fairtrade Foundation and have written a range of teaching and learning materials for key stages 1 to 4. I’m passionate about the role schools can play, not just in giving children solid grounding in the core subjects, but also helping them develop as active citizens, who feel empowered to play a positive role in their community and the wider world. I’m also a self-employed Personal Trainer and fitness instructor, so am passionate about encouraging and supporting children and families to stay active and lead healthy lives.
Having previously served as Chair of the pre-school, I saw through the sourcing and renovation of the Early Years hut, an Ofsted inspection that resulted in a ‘Good’ judgement and the incorporation of the pre-school into Leedstown School’s Early Years unit. The role gave me a huge appreciation for what can be achieved through the hard work of families, community members and school staff when they work together.
As a parent, I have been so impressed at the high-quality teaching and brilliant events and activities that our small school offers. I look forward to doing everything I can to ensure that our staff and leadership team have the support and resources they need to continually improve and offer our children the best educational experience possible.   
I have been a part of Leedstown School for over 20 years.  Both of my grown up children attended the school.  I feel very privileged to be a part of the school, I believe that it is a fantastic school.  I have been a TA at Leedstown and have a bee keeping business that has grown and keeps me busy.  I am thrilled to be able to support the school through a governors role