School Council


Leedstown School Council Constitution

Our Aims

  1. To discuss ways to improve the school.
  2. To make children feel safe in school.
  3. To keep our school healthy.
  4. To keep children happy during school.
  5. To allow younger children to have their own opinion.

How are the Councillors elected?

  • Members are elected following discussions in classrooms. Pupils vote in a private ballot.

How long do the Councillors remain in office?

  • 1 year

How many Councillors are appointed?

  • Up to 2 pupils are appointed from each class.
  • How are Councillors sworn in?
  • They receive their badges in assembly

How are Councillors dismissed from office?

  • If a Councillor is acting or behaving in a manner contrary to the expectations in the pledge the procedure is:
  1. a verbal warning from the Lead Teacher explaining the consequences
  2. a meeting of all Councillors offering them the chance to discuss the offending behaviour
  3. (the offending Councillor would not be present but would be at hand so that they can be informed of any decision). Usually the Councillor would be given a last chance in writing.
  4. The final meeting of the Councillor would include a vote to decide action. They have the right to offer one last chance. 5. If dismissal is the democratic decision then the Councillor would be informed verbally immediately and then in writing as soon as possible.

How often do the Councillors meet?

  • Once a month

Where do the Councillors meet?

  • In the library

When do the Councillors meet?

During the school day

For how long?

  • Half an hour

How are meetings carried out?

  • The Chair leads the meeting and Minutes are taken by the Secretary.

Smart School Council

Displayed in the library is information on the Smart School Council. We follow this; it highlights the fact that all members of the school are involved and have a voice.

A suggestions box and opinions wall is also in the library, to ensure that everyone has a voice.